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7x20_5_bigger seedpodtwitter2_biggerLots happening on the TwitFic front. The haiku that I mentioned a while back has now been published by @7×20 here, and another piece has been published by @seedpodpub here. Also, I had a message from @escarp to say that this tweet of mine was the first one that they published to be RT’d (re-tweeted) three times. I’m still feeling my way a bit with TwitFic, but it’s a fascinating discipline. Still a few markets out there to be cracked, though.

4 thoughts on “More TwitFic

  1. Gordon Darroch says:

    Superb tweets all, Jon, especially the trader one. I can see this consuming a *lot* of my time.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Gordon. If poetry is the crack cocaine of literature, then TwitFic is probably the crystal meth. Or something like that.

  3. admin says:

    I wish 🙂 On the twitfic forum (see “Places I hang out” –>), there are some who have clocked up astounding numbers of TwitFic hits (one guy’s had 12 published by @tweetthemeat alone!)

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