Sparks Night

Ooh, this should be fun. I’ve just had a piece accepted for the next Sparks Night. This is the one where you read out a piece of under 1000 words in front of a projection of a specially commissioned photograph. I’ll be fascinated to see what they come up with to accompany my piece. I’ve chosen an old favourite of mine, “Canine Mathematics”, which I last read at Leighton Buzzard Writers’ open mic night, where it seemed to go down reasonably well.

Anyway, if you fancy coming along to see me making a fool of myself, the venue is Upstairs at the Three and Ten, Steine Street, Brighton, and the date is Tuesday, November 3rd. I’m really looking forward to this. Just got to work out how to get back home afterwards – I’m hoping against hope that there isn’t a replacement bus service between London Bridge and St Pancras, because that will really piss me off.

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