Where Was I / Where Am I?

So, back home again after a very pleasant week in Cyprus. Touched down at 11PM last night, bang on schedule, and then waited for over an hour in the queue at Border Control and then a further three quarters of an hour for bags to turn up. This of course meant that we missed our train and had to sit around until the next one at 2:30AM. This one (of course) didn’t go all the way across London, so we had to change to a replacement bus service at London Bridge to take us to St Pancras. Finally crawled into bed at 5AM. Welcome to the UK, where everything works so much better than the rest of the planet.

And today we had to go to the vets to pick up the mortal remains of one of our cats who met a premature end crossing the road without doing her proper Green Cross Code routine. We found out what had happened whilst we were away – the driving instructor whose pupil had the misfortune to be at the wheel when Sybil decided to make a run for it very bravely called us to tell us what had happened. Not sure who was more upset – us or her. So we’ve now gone through the process of dealing with it all twice over. Rule #1: if you don’t want to have to cope with loss on a regular basis, don’t keep pets. Especially ones as glamorous and reckless as Sybil, who liked nothing more than strolling down the middle of the road showing off to the world – that is, when she wasn’t exploring our roof. She was really quite something.

So I don’t really feel like writing much tonight, despite a looming deadline for Round 1 of the TWIWrite Zone. Quite a few rejections this week, too, along with several competitions that must be shortlisting around now and seem to have neglected to tell me about the fact. Ho hum.

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