Greyling Bay

This is an interesting one. Jane Smith, who writes the excellent How Publishing Really Works blog (which I’ve had as a link here for some time now, and is essential reading), has set up a collaborative work of fiction entitled Greyling Bay. The idea is that contributors write short, self-contained fragments, all based around the fictional town of Greyling Bay, that knit together into a patchwork whole (if that isn’t mixing too many metaphors). There are some quite big hitters amongst the contributors already.

Oh, and I’m in there too, with this piece, which grew out of something I’d done as part of a flash fiction exercise last year. I liked it, but I couldn’t work out what the hell to do with it, until I realised that it might work well as part of Greyling Bay. So there it is.

4 thoughts on “Greyling Bay

  1. Hi Jonathan
    Enjoyed your piece on Greyling Bay. Fingers crossed I may join you there soon (or is that tempting fate?) And nice site – I can see Blue Zinfandel has possibilities!

  2. Hi Ali, and welcome to this place! Glad you liked the piece – good luck with your submission. Nice to meet another Cadenza longlistee – shame that neither of us is going to get the chance to get any further than that now that it’s closing.

  3. Aagh!- another one bites the dust. I missed the news. Can recommend The Yellow Room as being of a similar stable – though come to think of it it may be a ‘women only’ affair – and who knows how long it will last?
    O tempora …

  4. Have a feeling that The Yellow Room is women only, so that’s me barred. Never mind, there are still a large number of other publications out there that I haven’t cracked yet.

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