Look At Me, I’m On iTunes!

Yes, my piece that was read at this month’s Liars’ League, The Patience of a Saint, is now up on the League’s site. Not only that, it’s on their podcast. Which is nice. Do take a listen (probably best not to do so at work, or when the little ones are around, because some of the language is a little ripe).

I was particularly pleased to get this one accepted (after two near misses in the preceding months) for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a great market for writers – what could be better than having your piece read out to a real live audience by a real live actor? – and secondly, I’ve wanted to get a story exploring these ideas done for ages, and this was the perfect impetus. That’s what I like about themes and prompts – they get you focussed. I’ve given this month a miss, but I’m certainly going to submit some more – although I have a feeling that the competition to get into the Crime and Punishment evening is going to be pretty strong.

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