The Truth About Archie and Pye

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The Truth About Archie and Pye  
The Truth About Archie and Pye.jpg
First edition
Author Jonathan Pinnock
Cover artist kid-ethic
Language English
Publisher Farrago Books
Publication date 2018
ISBN 978-1-78842-108-9
Preceded by Ten Years Earlier...
Followed by A Question of Trust

The Truth About Archie and Pye is a book by Jonathan Pinnock. It is the first in the Mathematical Mystery series and was published by Farrago Books in October 2018.


Something doesn’t add up about Archie and Pye …

After a disastrous day at work, disillusioned junior PR executive Tom Winscombe finds himself sharing a train carriage and a dodgy Merlot with George Burgess, biographer of the Vavasor twins, mathematicians Archimedes and Pythagoras, who both died in curious circumstances a decade ago.

Burgess himself will die tonight in an equally odd manner, leaving Tom with a locked case and a lot of unanswered questions.

Join Tom and a cast of disreputable and downright dangerous characters in this witty thriller set in a murky world of murder, mystery and complex equations, involving internet conspiracy theorists, hedge fund managers, the Belarusian mafia and a cat called µ.

Critical Reception

The reception to the book was generally favourable. Scott Pack made it one of his top ten books for 2018 and described it as

Funny, clever and sometimes brilliantly daft. A comedy that I am sure would have made Pythagoras, Archimedes and Douglas Adams all laugh out loud.

Summary of Plot