The Truth About Archie and Pye

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The Truth About Archie and Pye

The Truth About Archie and Pye is a book by Jonathan Pinnock. It is the first in the Mathematical Mystery series and was published by Farrago Books in October 2018.


Something doesn’t add up about Archie and Pye …

After a disastrous day at work, disillusioned junior PR executive Tom Winscombe finds himself sharing a train carriage and a dodgy Merlot with George Burgess, biographer of the Vavasor twins, mathematicians Archimedes and Pythagoras, who both died in curious circumstances a decade ago.

Burgess himself will die tonight in an equally odd manner, leaving Tom with a locked case and a lot of unanswered questions.

Join Tom and a cast of disreputable and downright dangerous characters in this witty thriller set in a murky world of murder, mystery and complex equations, involving internet conspiracy theorists, hedge fund managers, the Belarusian mafia and a cat called µ.

Critical Reception[edit]

The reception to the book was generally favourable. Scott Pack made it one of his top ten books for 2018 and described it as

Funny, clever and sometimes brilliantly daft. A comedy that I am sure would have made Pythagoras, Archimedes and Douglas Adams all laugh out loud.

Summary of Plot[edit]