Ten Years Earlier...

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Ten Years Earlier...  
Ten Years Earlier.png
Author Jonathan Pinnock
Cover artist Unknown
Language English
Publisher Farrago Books
Publication date 2021
Followed by The Truth About Archie and Pye

Ten Years Earlier... is a short story by Jonathan Pinnock. It is a prequel to the Mathematical Mystery series and was made available exclusively on the Farrago Books website in March 2021.


Detective Inspector Buntingford is left pining for a juicy murder case after an anonymous tip turns out to be a prank by students of Cambridge University Medical School. Wistfully, he contemplates past murder investigations involving academics: linguists, economists, historians and those unruly philosophers! Mathematicians, though, had never been a problem – there’s not much to argue about with numbers. They’re either right or wrong, aren’t they?

It seems that way until his colleague and partner Detective Constable de Silva receives a call.

Now a different kind of puzzle awaits...