Last Chance in Vegas

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Last Chance in Vegas  
Last Chance in Vegas.jpg
First edition
Author Jonathan Pinnock
Cover artist kid-ethic
Language English
Publisher Farrago Books
Publication date 2022
ISBN 978-1-78842-429-5
Preceded by Bad Day in Minsk
Followed by The Code of the Vavasors

Last Chance in Vegas is a book by Jonathan Pinnock. It is the fifth in the Mathematical Mystery series and was published by Farrago Books in October 2022.


On the trail of a couple of missing alpacas, disaster-prone Tom Winscombe has somehow ended up at an online gambling convention in Las Vegas.

With the assistance of his mysterious new companion Ada, his quest takes on a dangerous turn as he finds that this time he has some hungry wildlife to contend with, as well as a cast of disreputable and downright dangerous human characters.

As the stakes get higher and his chances of survival drop lower, Tom finds the only solution may be to forge an unexpected alliance with someone from his past. Will he end up with a winning hand, or will everything fall apart like a house of cards?

Critical Reception

We'll find out soon enough.