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The Institute for Progress and Development is a secretive think tank based in Trapp Street, London SW1.


The Institute is controlled by a Board of Directors, none of whose names have been made public, although there have been several rumours to the effect that The Honourable Sholto Chelford-Bickerton has at least a prominent position in the organisation. The following other individuals have close links to the Institute:


The Institute's sources of funding are exceptionally opaque. The seed capital for the project was supposedly provided by a shady group of American billionaires, but since then the Institute has made considerable efforts to be self-funding, for example by hiring out consultants to industry, commerce and government. There have also been suggestions that its close relationship with de Montfort's Tulpencoin organisation has been to the advantage of the Institute's coffers.


The Institute's politics have been described as "neo-Randian", in that they espouse an extreme form of objectivist libertarian individualism, whereby a self-appointed elite are

removed from the stultifying restrictions of the legal process in order to free them to create a better world for the deserving masses.[citation needed]

To this end, the Institute provided guidance on the formation of Chelford-Bickerton's Channellia self-governing entity, and the Institute frequently holds this up as a shining example of what could be created if their vision were to be adopted.