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Alison ("Ali") MacLehose is a software developer and co-founder of Dot Chan with Dorothy Chan. She was educated at the School of Hard Knocks, followed by the University of Life, graduating summa cum laude. She wrote and sold her first computer game at the age of 11 and largely abandoned conventional studies not long afterwards. Her creativity also extends to her use of the English language, where her intricately-constructed insults are delicately peppered with the finest quality Anglo-Saxon profanities.


Despite being a brilliant programmer, Ali's spiky personality and careless attitude to personal finances, along with the endemic sexism in the gaming industry, have ensured that she failed to make or keep as much money from her work as she should have done. However, having encountered Dorothy on a gaming forum, where they successfully combined forces to deal with a number of particularly obnoxious trolls, they decided to go into business together and as a result, Ali has achieved a level of stability that was previously lacking in her life.

Incomplete List of Hates



  1. Although it should perhaps be pointed out that in the course of A Question of Trust, she actually becomes one herself, under the username AwesomeCoder