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SlingInk was a writing forum that finally closed its doors in 2011. It was a very friendly place, with its own personality but considerable overlap of members with other forums such as The Write Idea.

Dorrie's Challenge was an informal monthly poetry challenge run by user Dorrie (aka Dorothy Crossan), where poems were written in response to a prompt chosen by her and then voted on anonymously by all participants.

The SlingInk Scribbling Slam was a competition run over six rounds, two weeks per round. The two separate categories, short stories and poetry, were run in parallel. For each round, a prompt would be put up on the site and each participant would have two weeks in which to compose a story or poem, which would then be given a score by an external judge.

The SlingInk Prize was a one-off writing competition, with external judges. There were six categories: Fiction 8-11, Fiction 12-15, Fiction 16+, Poetry 8-11, Poetry 12-15 and Poetry 16+. An anthology was produced at the end, containing all the shortlisted and winning stories and poems.