Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror was originally written for Café Doom Flash Challenge number 128, in September 2008, in response to the prompt word mirror. It came second out of three entries, with two votes out of five. It was then expanded for Task One of the 2008-9 SlingInk Eurofiction Competition. The prompt used was "Write a story entitled 'Mirror Image'". Under its temporary title of - obviously - Mirror Image, it was placed tenth equal out of a total field of unknown size (probably between 20 and 30).


After a thorough edit and a reversion to its original title, Mirror, Mirror was submitted to Every Day Fiction, where it was published on February 2nd, 2009.


I think this is probably my least favourite story in Dot Dash. It's quite clever, I suppose, but it's just a bit too slick and I'm not even sure whether the protagonist actually deserves the fate she gets given in the end. I probably wouldn't include this story if I were planning Dot Dash again, to be honest. But there you go. It's out there now.