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Matt Blank[1] is a PR executive specialising in the area of cryptocurrencies. He has worked for a large range of crypto start-ups, and in the course of his work he claims to have:

  • sailed a hundred-metre super yacht full of techies and hookers halfway round the Mediterranean
  • flown a blimp to Abu Dhabi and back with a cargo of coked-up journalists
  • bought an entire village in Kazakhstan just so the punters could raze it to the ground with artillery fire
  • done loads of other stuff you REALLY don't want to know about.

He is currently engaged full-time by Tulpencoin Inc, preparing the launch of their Tulpencoin Super Plus ICO.


  1. Also known as Matt Blanc, at least on p136 of the paperback edition, as pointed out to me by Matt Pinnock (no relation to either Matt or myself).