Puff Blossom (Shetland pony)

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Puff Blossom

Puff Blossom is a miniature Shetland pony belonging to ten-year-old Annabelle Woolley-Cummings. He is male, with ambivalent feelings about the name he has been given by his owner, as he'd been expecting something more along the lines of Thunderfoot the Majestic Dawnbreaker. However, he is fond of Annabelle and has come to accept that it is rarely possible for everything to be perfect in a relationship. He tolerates the presence of Annabelle's mother Clara, although her attentions are mostly reserved for his stable-mates Big Henry and Bob the Cob, but he is prone to biting her father Rupert if he gets too close. As far as Puff Blossom is concerned, the only good thing about Rupert is that he has never once referred to him by his name, preferring instead to use the phrase "that little shit who's costing me a bloody fortune in vet's bills."