Seven Day Wonder

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Seven Day Wonder' was originally written for Round One of the 2012 Whittaker Prize. The prompt used was "Genesis". It was given a score of 85/100 by the judge, who described it as a "strong, original poem" and said that "the juxtaposition of biblical terminology and tone with colloquialisms, slang and ‘modern’ references, evokes a mood of ugliness, a sense of despair and an effect that jars and shocks."


Seven Day Wonder' was highly commended in the 2014 Newark Poetry Society Competition.


This is one of those poems that I'm not totally happy about. It just seems a bit obvious. But I couldn't really leave it out as two separate judges seem to have really liked it. Originally, "Samantha from Accounts" was described as having "full, red luscious lips that gave the best blowjobs on the planet." In the final version, I changed "on the planet" to "this side of Bridgwater", which I felt added the required element of bathos.