Love and Loss, Swedish Style

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Love and Loss, Swedish Style was originally written for a charity writeathon on the long-lost Grail writing forum. There may have been a prompt or two involved, but I have no record of what they were. I think the idea had already been bubbling around in my head during a visit to IKEA in Brent Park, although I can't remember if the punchline emerged then or during the writeathon.


Love and Loss, Swedish Style was published by Ink, Sweat & Tears on September 22nd, 2009.


Eagle-eyed IKEA nerds will notice that the version of the poem printed in Love and Loss and Other Important Stuff refers to the Marketplace, whereas in actual fact the part of IKEA that you have to pass through on the way to the tills - a sort of grown-up version of the confectionary racks that supermarkets have positioned there - is called the Market Hall. I knew that. I really did. But I forgot to change it before I sent my manuscript in. It's like that misspelling of Pemberley on the back of Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens all over again.