Grey Goo

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Grey Goo started life as a 130-character entry for txtlit. Unfortunately, I have no record of what the theme was. I then turned it into the double Fibonacci poem, which seemed to suit the flow of the story. I was quite pleased with the fact that I managed to get the six-syllable word "nanotechnologist" in there somehow.


Grey Goo was published by Every Day Poets on January 18th, 2009, and subsequently in the anthology "The Best of Every Day Poets One". As originally submitted, the lines were all left-justified, but the editor of Every Day Poets, Oonah Joslin, suggested that it would look much better if it was centred. She was right.


Here's the original micro-fiction version as submitted to txtlit:

“The idea that this could turn everything into grey goo is ridiculous,” said the nanotechnologist, staring at the floor and wondering where his legs were.