The Code of the Vavasors

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The Code of the Vavasors  
The Code of the Vavasors.jpg
First edition
Author Jonathan Pinnock
Cover artist kid-ethic
Language English
Publisher Farrago Books
Publication date 2023
ISBN 978-1-78842-4-356
Preceded by The Code of the Vavasors

The Code of the Vavasors is a book by Jonathan Pinnock. It is the sixth in the Mathematical Mystery series and will be published by Farrago Books in April 2023.


Tom Winscombe and Dorothy Chan are on a mission to crack a code, and to do that they need to find a dongle hidden in an alpaca figurine that used to belong to the famed dead mathematical geniuses, the Vavasor twins.

Their search leads them to a secretive mathematical retreat at a country house. While there, various members of the party succumb to a succession of bizarre fatal accidents. Will Tom and Dorothy succeed in their mission – and get out alive?

Critical Reception

We'll find out next year.