Marcia Fuchs

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Marcia Fuchs (née Stansted-Mountfichet) has been disappointed in life ever since the unpleasantness surrounding Daddy's business forced her parents to sell off the silver spoon that she was born with in her mouth, along with the rest of the family precious metals, to pay an expensive lawyer to fail to keep him out of prison. She was educated at Cheltenham Ladies' College, at least until the money ran out shortly after her GCSEs.

Unimpressed with the alternative educational establishments that she was offered, she decided to seek her own path in life from that point on and ended up working as an assistant to DJ Crusty Jake, a well-known figure in the South West rave scene in the early 90s. She can be briefly glimpsed dancing in the background of the cheaply-shot video for Crusty Jake's long-forgotten track 'Gimme Gimme Gimme-E-E-E (Dead Bison remix)', which peaked at number 41 in the Swindon and district dance charts.

At the turn of the millennium, she underwent a quasi-religious experience during which she had a vision of a ghostly figure dressed in white robes with the face of Tony Blair climbing up the side of the London Eye. She changed her dealer shortly after this, but a sense of unease remained and she eventually decided it was time for her to clean up and seek a purer way of life. At this point, she joined an aggressively evangelical Christian group called God's Botherers, which is where she came across her future husband, Colin Fuchs.

She was immediately attracted to Fuchs, not least because it was well known within the Botherers that he was heir to a substantial fortune. So it was quite a shock when, following his ordination and their marriage, he renounced his inheritance in favour of his sister, saying he had no need of earthly wealth. Several years on, she still hasn't quite reconciled herself with this second reversal in her fortunes, but she finds that gin can help to numb the pain.