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Archiepyedia is a web-based non-collaborative encyclopedia project that purports to provide essential context to the extraordinary sequence of events described in the Mathematical Mystery series of books. It contains authoritative articles on such diverse subjects as Archie and Pye Vavasor, The Fractal Monks and George Burgess. Archiepyedia was launched by Jonathan Pinnock in 2020 and has become the world's 17,225th most popular general reference work on the Internet[citation needed].

The name Archiepyedia was coined by Jonathan Pinnock[citation needed], and is a combination of Archie, Pye (a reference to the celebrated Vavasor twins) and Wikipedia (meaning a load of old cobbled-together badly-sourced tosh that only a gullible idiot would believe).

Although the policies of Archiepyedia strongly espouse verifiability and a neutral point of view, critics of Archiepyedia accuse it of systemic bias and inconsistencies. Some even go as far as to suggest that it is little more than a cheap guerrilla marketing device constructed purely as a tool to promote a series of novels from Farrago Books (an imprint of Duckworth). These critics point to the fact that it appears on a web site devoted to the aforementioned novels and in many respects departs quite spectacularly from the facts as previously understood.

It is to be hoped that readers who encounter such views will be encouraged to purchase the novels so that they may compare the contents with the facts as presented here and draw their own unbiased and wholly independent conclusions.